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11 Oct




Friday August 10

Firstly, thanks for all the encouraging e-mails. As I’ve said before, I enjoy music very much but I refuse to ignore the lurid garbage pedalled as lyrics in this day and age. The Lord’s book says it plainly:


– [ Matthew 7.20 ]

Today’s troubled teens sport a ‘LOOK’ that demonstrates a belief in life’s inescapable futility turned inwards upon themselves. Could a young person rejoicing in the comfort of His love even consider mutilating their own faces with coloured contact lenses and spiny metal pins through their innocent flesh?

I think not.

The vital spirit of today’s kids is being poisoned at the root by the smutty and satanic words and images irresponsibly pushed at them.

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Yours in Christ,

Pastor Simon Lang, Ormeau Life Ministries



Pastor Luke Ingleton, Ormeau Life Ministries

As soon as this venomous article crossed my desk, I felt a sickening miasma descend. Not since the demented drivel of self-proclaimed black magician Ozzy Osbourne has one record included so many disturbing and destructive themes and images. The front cover is offensive enough. A warped blasphemous image of the Ark of the Covenant is flanked by faceless ‘angels’ and backlit with an ominous unexplained glow. There is nothing being hinted at here. Cynically it states ‘We refuse to mask our intentions, we have come to spread perversion and demolish your conventions’.

Thankfully, this is the first time I have had to listen to this group but they are listed as having released a previous LP entitled ‘Two Zeroes Clash’ that dealt with the supposedly ‘harmless’ practice of Numerology. From such seemingly innocent parlour games, seeds are sown leading to far more dangerous consequences. The young blithely say ‘Hey Dude, dont hassle me, man, It’s cool’. Nothing could be further from the terrible truth. Hell is anything but ‘cool, man’.

This recording’s unhealthy blend of the worst elements of Rock and ‘dance’ music is full of obscene shouts and eerie cultish chants and it expresses one overarching message and that is: reject the Lord and worship an ancient pagan sex cult.

The members of the group have rejected their Christian names and assumed the aliases of the ‘ I-Sonic Order ‘, a thinly veiled outlet for the teachings and satanic philosophies of the man variously called the Beast, the Antichrist and the Wickedest Man in the World; Alistair Crowley. His Anti-Christian motto sums up his prideful dismissal of Christ’s lessons bluntly stating ‘ Let do what you like be the whole of the law’. In the middle section of one of this album’s songs, called ‘Fantasyland’, male and female voices chant ‘Let do what you like be the whole of the law’. Coincidence? Or indoctrination?

Masking infernal messages is an old hallmark of Satan’s handiwork. There is a moment in the chorus of the song ‘Complex People’ containing this disorienting effect. This is the infamous process of backward recording or ‘backmasking’, in this case transforming a pleasant female vocal into a howl from the vortex of the damned.

There is a disagreeably cruel tone to this music. The listener is broken down spiritually by the torrent of filth and the juddering whipcrack rhythms. Disk jockey and body-piercing enthusiast S. F. ( Satan’s Friend ) The Arrester invites you to a place where ‘love is a chore and life is a bore’. Electronics expert Professor Loom slimily croons of pagan orgies and perverse ceremonies while his masked counterpart, Doctor Pump blurs fiction and reality to disorient and destabilise the unwary listener. Even attractive MisElenious gives a cold rejection of the church as no more than ‘a sad consequence of your history, baby’.

Surprisingly, there are references to Scripture throughout this repellant work. Unsurprisingly, they are twisted and mangled to parodically serve the demonic powers they have digitally encoded. This record is no less than a time bomb of Satanism, releasing its demons each time it is played. As a Christian and as a parent, I implore  you to make sure your children are kept safe from this infectious filth.

Pastor Luke Ingleton

Ormeau Life Ministries, Qld.


‘ If you begin with the premise that the Freemasons killed Tupac..’

10 Oct

RMS Magazine presents
A Strange Trip into the Institute
Kelly Stanton interviews Doctor Pump from the Crazy Baldheads

While being kept waiting, I was gloomily figuring the exact point when a group of like-minded individuals becomes a cult. When exactly does that lethal mixture of charisma and coercion consume the will of each devotee and make them fearful of betraying themselves to the others? The rare press releases had all come from whatever lay behind these gates and as the guard let me through, I briefly fancied I might never leave.
Finally I was led through an opulent series of rooms and into what appeared to be a reception area. Doctor Pump and his silent and beautiful assistant Miselenious stood at the opposite end of a huge elliptical black glass table, waving at me to sit. As a condition of being allowed to interview this enigmatic figure, I had to complete the I-Sonic Institute’s ‘Self-Realisation Personality Test’ and had admitted a fondness for frozen Margaritas, so I hoped that’s what was in the nearby blender. The gorgeous but somehow robotic woman passed me a large goblet sharp with lemon and redolent of teqila. He’d added spoonsful of a russet coloured powder to the mix, if he thought I hadn’t noticed.
‘ It’s freshly ground’ he said, smiling from behind his enormous sunglasses.
‘ Freshly ground what, exactly?’
‘ Nutmeg. The lemon cuts the taste, the crushed ice masks the dustiness factor. ‘
He lit a large joint. Miselenious warmly took my hand then smiled and silently left the room. He sat and beckoned me to ask him anything.

Kelly Stanton – It is often said that artists are the antennae of society. This second album – The Golden Age of I-Sonica – seems to tell the story of a prosperous civilisation destroyed by its own decadence and pride. Am I correct in assuming that I-Sonica is an allegory for the United States?
Doctor Pump – Kelly, the words say what they say. The record was completed weeks before the attacks on New York. That’s it. As much as people might wish for it, I’m no Nostradamus.
K.S. – Sure, and yet from the beginning your work has has a prophetic tone. Leaving aside your Babylon-must-fall stuff, the cast list of references hints at more. Paracelsus, Crowley, that sort of thing..
D.P. – We’re not hinting at anything. I can’t be held responsible for the feverish imaginations of the uninitiated. Believe me, Kelly, prophecy is a matter of interpreting subtle and often contradictory data. You don’t get next week’s paper on the doorstep each morning.
K.S. – How is your music created? Is it true that you only leave the studio for your rare live shows and have employed a lookalike to impersonate you at public events?
D.P. – That ‘lookalike’ you mention is me. My commitments with the Theosophical Society force me to send a replacement up to Russell St from time to time but the gigs are 100% Pump. The Professor produces the music and the lyrics come through a process akin to what illiterate new-agers would call ‘channeling’ so..while the fragments of various pre-recorded elements create a temporal chaos, the thematic integrity provides order. Something sadly lacking in contemporary music, if I may say so.
K.S. – This record, it almost SMELLS of sex. Almost every track contains references to it. What’s the point of including sex in music?
D.P. – Institute policy is free and kinky, babe. Drink up.
K.S. – Philip Jarvey claimed in last month’s ‘Austral Projections’ thet the I-Sonica mythos is not much more than a rehash of the idea of Lemuria. Why the interest in lost civilisations?
D.P.- Jarvey and his wannabe Rosicrucian mates have been a fucking thorn in my side for years. His magazine’s an unfunny joke and he wouldn’t know Lemuria from his arse. I suppose Disney’s godawful Atlantis flick is another example of people ripping off our ideas but who knows? Look around you, Kel, wouldn’t you choose ANY alternative to this?
K.S. – Is that why you’re always going out into the desert? I refer to the songwriting trip you mention in the track ‘Fantasyland.
D.P. – Whatever it takes to achieve clarity.
K.P. – Tell me about the lyric ‘When death is the only mystery, horror is a chance to transcend’. Are we, as you say, about to ‘dust off the war drums’?
D.P. – It’s hard to say, but I wouldn’t give up the darts just yet. Ask Bush about the Skull and Bones.
K.S. – What do you mean?
D.P. – Well, his vow of allegience to the Skull and Bones predates and thus cancels his Oath of Office. I’d really rather talk about the music.
K.S. – What’s next for you all?
D.P. – A break. Now this album’s blossomed into a fearful reality, we need to think about something else.
S.F. may return to Africa, MisElenious is midway through my advanced psychic training course and when that’s complete I’m going back to the desert. God knows what the Professor will get up to. The plan is a 2 album compilation of all the artists under the I-Sonic imprimatur, that way the Baldheads can retreat to the shadows again. We’re all so drained and I’m sick of being famous. The thing is..if you begin writing your album with the knowledge the Freemasons killed Tupac Shakur, then the rest is going to be a grisly trawl through the very worst of human evil and deceit. We all need a change of scene.
K.S. – Doctor Pump, I thank you.
D.P. – The pleasure’s mine. Thanks very much